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i've never had to be upstaged

by my own ass

Christine Colgate
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Hi. I'm Dana, I'm 17, I like many things, especially theatre. It's not just something I like, it's something that I'm passionate about. I like too many musicals to name at the present time, but let's just say a whole lot. My favorite singer is Sherie Rene Scott, check her out, because she is freaking amazing. I like a lot of Indie artists that most people haven't heard of, and I like British female artists... not male. Every new male artist that has come out of the UK I seem to dislike a lot, so just keep that in mind. I love lots of different things, I like knitting and crafty things, I like to make graphics, I'm on my school's speech team, and I love volleyball. My favorite tv show is The Office, but I enjoy many others, like Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, and other shows like that, I'm also a total reality TV whore. I love reality TV. I like to hang out with friends for random reasons, I like lots of movies. I'm your typical "good girl", I go to church, and I'm a strong Christian, I love me some Jesus. So, friend me, and maybe we could be best friends.